Far Cry 6 Season Pass details confirmed and Blood Dragon returns

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Ubisoft have showcased more slick gameplay for the long-awaited action title Far Cry 6 at E3 2021, ahead of its release in October. 

  • We got a closer look at the backstory of the main antagonist and protagonist within Far Cry 6
  • Anton is trying to groom his son Diego to become the new ruler of Yara
  • Ubisoft have revealed new information around the Far Cry Season Pass

Of all the Ubisoft titles in the works, none of them have kept fans guessing as much as Far Cry 6. Originally scheduled for release in February, the ongoing health crisis meant fans of the series were kept waiting for info to come out.

In the latest installment in the main series, players take control of Dani Rojas: a guerrilla warrior seeking to liberate their homeland of Yara from the dictatorship of Anton Castillo, voiced by Giancarlo Esposito of The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad fame.

On May 28, Ubisoft released new footage from the game, which revealed more info about the story and showcased some cool new gameplay mechanics, from a shiny new weapon upgrade system to the ability to pet animals, including an insanely cute dog called Chorizo.

As part of their Ubisoft Forward event E3 2021, the developers showed off even more details about Far Cry 6. You can check out the latest trailer below:

Encompassed in the trailer was a bit of the backstory behind the protagonist Dani Rojas, and how her family fled from their hometown in pursuit of a better life in America. But, while sailing across the sea, there were multiple gunshots and eventually, Dani and her family were found Anton Castillo.

The trailer basically showcases the insanity of Anton to a full degree, and how ruthless the dictator is, and how a certain character “Diego” was in the pursuit of leaving his father’s grasp, but Anton is determined to make him the new ruler of Yara.

Far Cry 6 Season Pass revealed

As well, Ubisoft has also unveiled plans for post-launch content for Far Cry 6 in the form of a Season Pass, where we will be able to get to play as all the villains from previous Far Cry titles, including Vass and Pagan Min.

Check out the trailer for the Season Pass below.

For the first time ever, we will be able to play as these iconic villains and get a bit more insight into the true insanity they all unleashed on us during these games. It is unknown at the time if we’ll be able to play throughout the entire game as these characters, or if it’s just going to be little segments for each villain.

But, nevertheless, we are amped to see Vass, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed return, and taking control of them will undoubtedly be a one of a kind experience.

More to follow…