Fallout 76’s return to Pittsburgh in The Pitt misses the mark for players

Brianna Reeves
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Fallout 76 users don’t seem too ecstatic about the newly released The Pitt update, which sees the property revisit Pittsburgh for the first time since Fallout 3.

Bethesda originally teased the Pittsburg-set Expedition during E3 2021, then shared more details earlier in the year with Fallout 76’s 2022 content roadmap.

As promised, The Pitt has since launched digitally across all platforms, inviting players to visit the ruined Steel City.

The new Expedition tasks users with fending off Raiders who mean to overtake The Pitt and subjugate its denizens. But some fans have found the latest addition to Fallout 76 less than satisfactory.

Fallout 76 players express disappointment in The Pitt update

Thus far, mixed opinions about the newly released Fallout 76 content fill social media. While some users such as PneumaNism are “very pleased, so far,” others still don’t understand the excitement.

In a response to a post about the Expedition on Fallout’s Twitter page, Jessica Rose called the new update “meh.” The player said, “The Pitt is basically an even longer daily op” that adds very little in terms of a storyline.

Gamingwithgage chimed in with similar criticism, saying they wish Fallout 76 players could freely explore The Pitt. And Chems described the update as “glorified daily ops.”


Fortunately, the content updates for Fallout 76 haven’t yet come to an end. The winter update will introduce Nuka World on Tour, a traveling sideshow whose forthcoming stop in Appalachia will unlock access to a new season, region boss, and public events.

More details with regards to what Nuka World on Tour entails should surface in the months ahead.

Fallout 76 is available to play now across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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