Valorant community blast Riot ruling to ban coach from VCT Game Changers Grand Finals

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The Valorant community is outraged after Shopify Rebellion coach Rob ‘Robwiz’ Kennedy was suspended and fined for flipping the middle finger to opponents, leading to him being excluded from the Grand Finals.

Shopify Rebellion stunned Valorant fans on November 19, where against all odds the Rebels took down both Cloud9 White and Liquid Brazil on their lower-bracket miracle run.

But, for the Grand Finals, where they look to take down G2 Gozen for the title, Shopify will be without its coach.

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According to a competitive ruling from Riot, Robwiz violated rule 7.1.2 after making an offensive gesture toward their opponents upon winning the series. “Coaches must observe the highest standard of personal integrity and good sportsmanship,” the tournament organizers stated.

As a result, the coach will be absent in the Grand Final match on November 20, as well as receiving a fine and warning that further violations of the policy will lead to increased penalties.

According to Shopify’s bENITA, their opponents C9 White have been trash-talking for months, which Robwiz finally hit back at.

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“Just wanna state that we’ve been getting sh*t talked for months in-game and out of game. 2 gamechangers of getting pummeled with unsportsmanlike behavior. All good,” she said.

Valorant community outraged at competitive ruling

Pros, content creators and Valorant fans across the community were outraged by the ruling, with many hitting out at Riot for their decision.

“Coaching asks so much of someone. We’re lucky to have a coach who cares about his team and the game as much as Rob,” said Sentinels’ strategic coach kaplan. “With that passion comes heated moments. To lose his opportunity to coach grands he’s worked so hard for because of one hand gesture would be everyone’s loss.”

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“If you want esports to grow and become like traditional sports, especially the women’s scene, trash talking and stuff like the middle finger should be normal. You guys are too soft. This is nothing compared to what pro athletes say and do in a competitive environment,” one fan wrote.

Though unlikely, with Valorant community blast Riot ruling to ban coach from VCT Game Changers Grand Finalsthe community in such an uproar, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Riot go back on the ruling.

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