Pusha T and Logic acquire Chaos EC esports team

Alan Bernal
Chaos EC / via Genius

The GG Group have acquired Chaos EC and Do Not Peek Entertainment, with an ownership board that now includes Pusha T, Logic, Upscale Vandal, Billy Levy, and more who will lead the esports org to address wider industry and cultural change.

In their open letter to the fans, the GG Group are looking to “organize chaos,” identifying the state of the world and how it will act to support causes that fight for social justice and solving racial disparities, particularly in the gaming community.

“As we expand Chaos’ non-competitive roster we are committing that a meaningful number of our new signees will be people from underrepresented communities,” President of the GG Group Ramon Gamble wrote in the open letter.

With the help of A-list talent from different industries, the company plans to “re-introduce” Chaos EC with a new identity that realigns with the announced initiatives.

“I’ve been a part of this ownership group close to two years now and since the beginning my main call to action was to focus on the lack of inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry,” Pusha T told Complex of the announcement. “Any business I’m a part of has to be proactive in using its resources and platform to support the fight against social injustice.”

While they’re aiming to include broader pushes to address issues in the world, the company outlined what it’s doing in 2020 to support grassroots organizations who are protesting against systemic racism, police brutality, as well as mass incarceration with focus in addressing the racial inequality in the justice system.

With “the world in a state of chaos,” the GG Group and its partners are going to use its platform to initiate meaningful change where it can.

“As a business owner and creative it’s imperative to use your platform and resources for the greater good,” Upscale Vandal said. “I know I speak for Pusha T and Logic when I say that before anything we have to lend a hand to organize Chaos not only figuratively but literally.”

Logo of Chaos EC esports team
Chaos EC Instagram
Chaos EC has been acquired by the GG Group.

GG Group raised a call to action for anyone with “high impact opportunities for us to serve and support with our resources and networks” and is committing to raising or developing at least one idea before the end of the year.

Pusha T has already been showing support for his new org’s CSGO team after Chaos EC’s 2-1 win over 100 Thieves in the ESL One Cologne NA online qualifiers. At the time, it looked like a far-removed diss to Drake, who is an investor for 100 Thieves and longtime musical rival.

While it could have still been a dig at the Canadian rapper, Pusha T’s connection to Chaos EC is much more apparent now as he, Logic, Upscale Vandal, and more plan to “support anyone organizing chaos to leave this world better than we found it.”