PlayStation buys EVO in move to tighten ties with fighting game community

PlayStation RTS buy EVO tournament seriesPlaystation, EVO

In a massive turn of events, Sony announced that it has purchased hugely popular fighting game tournament EVO after a year of offline tournaments has made huge changes to the fighting game community.

On March 18, Sony revealed that it acquired the Evolution Championship Series – arguably the biggest fighting game tournament in the entire world, which brings competitors from all across the globe to Las Vegas, Nevada for a weekend of jam-packed FGC action.

In their tweet, PlayStation revealed that it has partnered with new esports org RTS for this venture, making for a never-before-seen collaboration in the fighting game space.

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EVO itself has published a statement regarding the matter, thanking fighting game fans and players for their dedication amid an entire season of offline play.

The event likewise touched on former allegations of sexual harassment against former co-founder Joey ‘Mr Wizard’ Cuellar, who was accused of misconduct in 2020.

Evo Online was then canceled amid these allegations, with many fans wondering as to the future state of the tournament, considering its importance within the community.

This new move from PlayStation and RTS has players hopeful that EVO will grow to greater heights in wake of the past year, although some speculated that this would render the event a console-exclusive tournament.

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EVO Business Developer Mark Julio clarified that this is not the case, stating that “EVO is still open to all platforms. The teams at PlayStation and RTS are enabling us to continue working with our community to support fighting games.”

EVO Online 20201 announced

That’s not all; PlayStation also announced that EVO Online will take place from August 13 – 15, and will be free to enter. Regions that can participate thus far include North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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EVO Online 2021 is slated feature such games as:

  • TEKKEN 7
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
  • Guilty Gear -Strive-

These games will be open-format tournaments, with online qualifiers being streamed for fans. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to Dexerto for more on this huge moment in fighting game history as tournament season approaches.

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