OpTic Victor embarrasses ScreaM with knife kill after Valorant Champions blunder

Shay Robson
ScreaM on Valorant Champions Istanbul stage

Team Liquid’s Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom made a massive blunder by getting knifed in the back during an intense 1v1 in the Valorant Champions quarter-finals.

We’re nearing the end of the second-ever Valorant Champions, and with just a week to go until a winner is crowned, the competition is certainly heating up.

Sixteen teams from around the world have gathered in Istanbul hoping to lift the biggest trophy of the year and collect their share of a $1 million prize pool.

Kicking off the second day of playoffs on September 10, fans got to see some good old EU vs NA rivalry, and Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming certainly put each other to the test.

However, Liquid star ScreaM made an unfortunate misplay that he and his fans probably won’t forget.

ScreaM makes massive blunder on Valorant Champions stage

The EU side took the first game of the series on Breeze. However, OpTic bounced back in game two with a convincing win on Bind.

With both teams now on match point and the fear of being sent to the lower-bracket lingering, the pressure was piling on. Continuing on with their momentum, OpTic got off to a great start in game three on Ascent, swiftly taking the first four rounds.

The next round looked promising for Liquid, as it seemed they were about to get their first win of the match. However, they fell short once again after ScreaM made a blunder while trying to clutch a 1v1.

With the spike planted and time ticking, ScreaM used his Phoenix ultimate to push onto the B site to get info on his opponent. However, the Valorant star didn’t anticipate what would follow, as he was knifed in the back by Victor when the ultimate expired.

OpTic continued with their momentum, dominating the first half 10-2. While many believed the series was long over, Liquid put up a noble fight, bringing the scoreline to 11-8 before the NA titans eventually closed the game out.

Team Liquid will now be hoping for a miracle run in the lower bracket, with them set to face EMEA rivals FNATIC on September 11 for their elimination match.