NIP to launch “mystery” NFT collection on Binance

. 7 months ago
João Ferreira/Dexerto

Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas, also known as NIP, have announced an NFT collection inspired by ninjas and vikings.

A whole host of esports organizations have embraced NFTs as the crypto technology has emerged into prominence within internet culture, allowing fans to buy unique, non-fungible digital art.

In partnership with fan token platform NFKings, NIP are gearing up to launch their second collection of ‘non-fungible tokens’ as a means of allowing fans to “own a piece of NIP history” from December 1.

Said to be inspired by ninjas and vikings, the launch comprises a mystery box that contains digital items of different rarities — namely normal, rare, and super rare — and will be available on Binance’s NFT marketplace. Fifty boxes will be given away at random to those who follow the designated rules.

NIP are also planning additional activations to supplement their new collection, allowing collectors to enter giveaways for $15,000 in cryptocurrency Binance USD (BUSD) and a special NFT edition of their jersey.

The Swedish org are permanent members in the ESL Pro League, a CS:GO competition with 15 partnered teams. In October 2021, ESL added three teams to the league for $20m and revealed that they would be selling NFTs of the ESL Pro Tour CS:GO circuit’s “most memorable moments”.

“For this NFT we’ve used weapons, ninjas and viking elements in an exaggerated and artistic way to outline the remains of humanity after the destruction of the world,” said NFKings CEO Matthew Lim.

“We’ve aimed for a strong and surreal style in scene design through neon colors to express the atmosphere and mood — reflecting the strong contrast between high-tech development of human civilization and vulnerable individuals. It might seem opposing, but in fact the visual effect is a perfect combination of the digital future and a virtual world.”

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