New TikTok trend makes esports fashion go viral

Joe Craven

A new TikTok trend, ‘What I’d wear if…’, has started to take off where esports fans show off outfits they’d wear as members of different organizations.

TikTok trends are a constant and evolving cycle of memes, music and dances. As the Beijing-based app has grown exponentially, so have the number of people making and watching TikToks. Accompanying this growth has been countless ‘trends’ – similar TikToks made around a common theme.

Although some have been denounced as inappropriate, most are enjoyed as harmless fun. And now there’s a new one for esports fans specifically.

TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular social media apps.

In this latest trend, TikTok stars showcase different outfits, that they’d wear if they were members of varying esports organizations. This includes some of biggest orgs in the world, such 100 Thieves, FaZe Clan and Luminosity Gaming.

One content creator, known as Amethystt, seems to have kicked things off by sharing her TikTok on Twitter, showing off what she’d wear to Twitch Con if she was a member of different organizations.

As a Luminosity member, she showcased pigtails and reflective sunglasses, while her 100 Thieves outfit was a red vest and black beanie, matching the colors of Nadeshot’s organization perfectly.

Another Twitch streamer, known as Bailey, shared her version of the TikTok trend. Her 100 Thieves outfit also includes a beanie, but a read one paired with an oversized black hoodie. Her FaZe outfit is also unique, while also adding in Team Liquid and TSM.

Whether the trend really takes off like some others remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a creative look at how fashion and esports can intersect.

100 Thieves is perhaps the brand leading this charge most, with almost an equal focus on their apparel as their esports success.