Is Esports a Bad Investment? | Dexerto Podcast Ep.3

Scott Robertson
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The esports scene has garnered ample speculation and discussion regarding investment into the business. But as millions of dollars have been pumped into the industry over the years, has that merely inflated a competitive gaming bubble that’s set to pop?

Numerous organizations have declared sizable financial losses within their esports divisions, including some prominent, well-regarded teams within the business. Yet the valuations of some teams, brands, and leagues are reaching unbelievably high levels.

This development comes as esports heads into a pivotal 2020, with the highly discussed and debated Overwatch League entering its third and arguably most important season, the Call of Duty League kicking off its inaugural season, and CSGO slowly making its way into a more exclusive league format.

Three of Dexerto’s founders in Chris, Josh, and Mike return for their third live setup podcast to discuss whether or not the esports bubble is a danger that investors in the competitive gaming space have to worry about, and question whether the likes of franchising is worth the potential risk.

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