Dexerto Podcast Ep1 – Streaming isn’t esports, crazy Forbes team valuations

The trio of Chris, Josh and Mike have returned to the Dexerto Podcast setup for a new series of the show. Now recorded in one location rather than across the country, three of the four owners of Dexerto sit down for a casual chat about everything streaming, esports and gaming.

Winning the 2019 Esports Awards for coverage website of the year was one of the highlights for the Dexerto team, smashing a goal we set ourselves after being nominated three times previously but just falling short.  Naturally, the initial topic of discussion in episode one of the podcast started with the awards and why we think we won, what it was like on the night and how we’d like to see it changed for next year.

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However, over the course of the podcast, other topics included how SuperData has their facts wrong when it comes to the number of women interested in esports, what it’s like working with award-winning journalists such as Richard Lewis and Thorin, and finally how laughable the esports team valuations were by Forbes.

The Dexerto Podcast will return with another episode set for recording on December 18th, with an expected launch on Sunday 22nd. If there is any topics you’d like to see the team discuss, get in contact with with the subject matter title as “Podcast”.

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