How to buy the 20th-anniversary Team Liquid x Naruto collection

Liam Ho
team liquid x naruto collection 20th anniversary

Team Liquid has announced yet another clothing collaboration with Naruto for a collection of merchandise, perfect for fans of anime and esports, alike. Here’s how to buy them yourself.

Team Liquid is continuing its trend of satiating both anime and esports fans by creating another new collection, this time collaborating with Naruto. This collection will feature several different clothing items inspired by the ever-popular anime.

Team Liquid has already worked with the creators of Naruto prior to this, with previous collections such as the Akatsuki collection currently available in their store. However, with the announcement of a new set of merch, you might be wondering how to grab them yourself. Fortunately, we have all the info right here.

When is the Team Liquid x Naruto collection available?

Team Liquid announced in a recent tweet that its new merch collection would be released later this month on March 31 2023 at 12 PM PDT / 9 PM CEST. Alongside the announcement, they released a hype trailer to get fans riled up and the excitement flowing.

How to buy the Team Liquid x Naruto 20th anniversary collection

In order to grab this sweet-looking gear for yourself, you’ll need to order it via Team Liquid’s website. Since it’s still early, Team Liquid has yet to release specific pricing for each individual item. However, it’s likely we’ll know once they hit the website at some point in the near future.

Team Liquid has also announced that they’ll be slowly releasing photos and more information about each item throughout the week leading up to the launch, so checking their Twitter page may net you more info.

Where will the Team Liquid x Naruto 20th anniversary be available?

As far as we currently know, the 20th Anniversary Team Liquid x Naruto collection has been confirmed as available in the EU and the US. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any information regarding other countries and their potential chances of receiving the new items.