Esports organizations are already recruiting Apex Legends players

Respawn Entertainment

Esports organizations are already stepping into the Apex Legends scene – and they are searching for both players and content creators despite the game being out for less than a week. 

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The free-to-play title released on February 4 and has already taken the gaming world by storm with over 10 million players playing in the first three days –Fortnite and PUBG.

While an esports portion of the game may be a ways away just yet, that hasn’t stopped a North American team being the first to enter the scene despite the title only being in its infancy. 

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Respawn EntertainmentTeaming up in trios for trophies? It could happen.
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On February 8, the organization NRG announced that they were on the hunt for Apex Legends players and content creators, making them the first team to make a step into the new release.

However, the North American team were so overwhelmed by the response to their announcement that a Google form application had to be set-up for them to sift through the responses. “WOAH, we have received so many applications already! Thanks to everyone, so far, who has applied to the #NRGFAM,” they tweeted.

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NRG already have leading rosters in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League, while also remaining in smaller games such as Clash Royale.

The organization has already stepped into the Battle Royale genre with a four-man Fortnite roster that competes in all disciplines, solo, duos and squads – finding some, albeit limited, success in the recent Summer Skirmish.

Respawn EntertainmentMoney could soon be on the line for supply ship hot drops.
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There may not be an esports side to Apex for some time, but that hasn’t stopped NRG getting ahead of the curve. The game’s developers, Respawn Entertainment, have already made plenty of key steps to make sure it isn’t a flash in the pan – announcing a full first-year roadmap and the implementation of key features such as Ranked Play and the ability to go Cross-Platform.

Other esports organizations have also teased a potential move into the scene. On February 8, Danish squad North tweeted: “SteelSeries has Apex keyboards.., SteelSeries sponsors North….”

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However, no other esports team has officially made an announcement the way NRG has and it’s unlikely that any others will any time soon.

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