Esports journalist Slasher drops “simp” reference on Fox News

Jacob Hale

Esports expert and self-proclaimed #1 esports consultant Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau took to Fox News on July 1 to discuss esports, and dropped a hilarious ‘simp’ reference even quicker than you could imagine.

Slasher is clued in on just about every facet of esports imaginable and has more than earned his reputation, which is why huge corporations like Fox like to get him on the show.

As such, following a wave of high-profile Twitch bans, he was asked to speak on Fox Business about what exactly is happening and, more importantly, why certain people are being banned.

esports consultant slasher on Fox News
This wasn’t Slasher’s first time on TV or even Fox, but he made sure to make the most of it anyway.

Speaking also about how the esports industry has attempted to adapt to the ongoing global health crisis, moving LAN events online and trying to keep the ball rolling, Slasher managed to sneak several jokes in – including correctly naming Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, after CNBC hilariously implied that nobody knew his real name just a few days prior.

The one that made Slasher go viral, though, was a ‘simp’ reference, common internet slang for someone that will say anything to get into someone else’s good books.

When asked whether Twitch’s decision to temporarily suspend U.S. President Donald Trump’s account was a political one, Breslau said that he believes the company wants to treat everyone the same, no matter what.

As a result, he says that Twitch “want to make sure Trump is the same as SimpLord69 as a random person on the website.”

The reference was met with tumultuous online applause, with all corners of the esports sphere commending Slasher for his work.

Nikki Mccann Ramirez said the moment was “instantly iconic.”

Similarly, gaming entertainment brand Tempo Storm said that “today will go down in history as the day of SimpLord69.”

It’s very possible that this is the first time ‘simp’ has ever been used on Fox News – and what a way to do it.