Esports computer optimization company COMPREADY is set to change expectations


COMPREADY is a computer optimization service tailored for Valorant esports players, tournament organizers and teams. The company official launched on October 6 with a mission to disrupt the industry according to its founders.

Valorant has seen its fair share of technical pauses and hardware hiccups on the biggest stages in the realm of esports. COMPREADY, a computer optimization service specifically tailored to Valorant, is aiming to fix that problem for tournament organizers, Valorant teams and players.

“Our goal is to raise the bar of equitability and inclusion in process with performance and so we want to raise every computer’s performance so that everybody’s competing at the same level and that the integrity of the game is at the same,” COMPREADY founder Austin ‘Apex’ Copeland told Dexerto in an interview.

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The company claims that with its services, teams and organizers can save money on buying yearly releases of GPUs and CPUs, which usually range in the hundreds of dollars, by letting its technicians optimize their machine’s performance for a $160 fee. The founders also said they plan to charge tournament organizers a monthly fee for helping with events.

Fans of Valorant esports should recognize the other founder of the company in Thomas ‘Trippy’ Schappy, who was formerly a head coach, assistant coach and analyst for FaZe Clan from 2020-22.

Trippy said in an interview with Dexerto that he learned to optimize computers at a young age with his father, a former IT technician, and has been doing it for friends for years. He said he used to optimize his player’s PCs as a part of a coaching package he would offer to teams.

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“When I was coaching FaZe, I noticed we’re losing rounds literally based off the fact that my players are skipping frames, or they’re jittering and they’re having like these lag issues,” he said. “We could have literally won the round if we just had a game that was running properly.”

Austin and Trippy from COMPREADY optimizing a PC with a player looking onCOMPREADY
COMPREADY has already worked with major esports teams in North America and Europe.

The two founders pointed specifically to LAN tournaments that Riot Games has run, like the 2021 North American Last Chance Qualifier and Masters Berlin, as tournaments in which the computers used for competition did not set players up for success.

“There needs to be like some kind of standards in Esports, because we’re kind of sitting here and we’re watching Valorant Champions and you get like a 30-minute tech pause because the computer is just completely breaking down,” Trippy said.

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Already starting strong

With the two’s connections within the professional scene, Apex has coached for TSM and other Valorant teams in North America, they have already linked up with some of the more prominent organizations to optimize their player’s computers for online competition and practice.

Organizations highlighted on their website include TSM, The Guard, Team Liquid and NRG Esports. COMPREADY also has a partnership with Aim Lab.

According to Trippy, he started charging people for his services in March of 2022 and the company filed to become an LLC in late July. Now in early October, the company has launched a PR campaign announcing its services to the public and has expanded to include four technicians.

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The team recently went with the free agent squad Nearest Airport to Viper’s Pit in Toronto to help optimize their computers ahead of their games. The team placed top four at the event.

Apex looking to NA computers for COMPREADYCOMPREADY
Nearest Airport placed top four at Viper’s Pit in Toronto.

The goals for the company, according to the two founders, is to eventually got into software for computer optimization and potentially expand into other esports.

“Every game runs kind of on different engines and kind of function a little bit differently and kind of what you need out of out of each game varies. So it’s still it’s just a little bit of a time thing right now. I think our biggest goal is just nailing down Valorant as a whole,” Trippy said about expanding into different esports.

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For now, COMPREADY is just looking to further their connections with Riot Games and help them and other organizers in the space bring the best product forward for Valorant esports fans.

“Our end goal is to do that for all games, to cut down on all breaks and all problems that happen,” Apex said.