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Dignitas launch Raidiant platform for women in gaming and esports

Published: 18/Nov/2021 14:00

by Adam Fitch


New Meta Entertainment, the parent company of Dignitas, have launched a media platform for women in gaming and esports: Raidiant. 

As a means of “celebrating and championing” opportunities for women in gaming, the Raidiant platform is described as an educational, social, and competitive resource.

Compiling educational material, directories for tournaments, teams, and players, and entertainment into a single place is the ultimate goal for NME’s new initiative.

The naming of the platform is a combination of ‘radiant’ and ‘raid,’ with the former referencing their aim to bring light to women gamers and the latter taking inspiration from live stream raids where streamers are boosted by others.


A large element of Raidiant includes an events directory, bringing together professional tournaments, conference panels, and both virtual and in-person networking occasions.

The new entity also has the “Galaxy Partners Program” that will see them work with other organizations that share their goal. Initial partnered companies include Twitter, analytics firm Zoomph, infrastructure company Nerd Street Gamers, and NYX Professional Makeup.

“Raidiant comes from the combination of ‘radiant’ and ‘raid,’” said Heather “sapphiRe” Garrozo, an executive producer at New Meta Entertainment. “Radiants bring light, which is what the site is doing for women gamers who are not regularly covered by the media.


“We were also inspired by live stream raids where raids are meant to champion others by raising their profiles and expanding reach. Our goal is that Raidiant melds these meanings together and ultimately, we build a stronger community, together.”