Activision Blizzard donates $1 million to Women in Games International organization

activision blizzard wigi partnershipActivision Blizzard, Women in Games International

Activision Blizzard has given a $1 million grant to Women in Games International, and joined in partnership with the organization. 

Activision Blizzard was sued in July, 2021, by the state of California for fostering a ‘pervasive frat boy culture’ within the workplace.

Among the accusations leveled at the company are claims that an employee took her own life after a manager shared private images of her in a work group chat. Additionally, the company was also sued by shareholders for supposedly being “misleading,” quickly followed up by claims that documents pertaining to the lawsuit had been intentionally destroyed.

As the publisher attempts to recover in the wake of the internal issues, they’ve partnered with Women in Games International (WIGI) and, in turn, given the company a $1 million grant, the “largest” in their history.

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activision blizzard hq world of warcraft statueActivision-Blizzard
The lawsuit against Activision Blizzard has sparked an internal rebuild.

Activision Blizzard partner with Women in Games

According to a press release from WIGI, Activision Blizzard has partnered with the organization in order to “fund professional development and mentorship programmes.”

Former Blizzard co-leader Jen Oneal, who resigned as the company’s figurehead on November 2, will “leverage her 20+ years of experience in game development to help guide the planning and roadmap for the programs.”

“Our goal with this grant is to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion within our industry,” Oneal said. “This donation from Activision Blizzard is an investment in the future of women in games, and a great step toward lasting, impactful change.”

Activision also features on the organization’s extensive list of sponsors, which includes fellow game industry titans such as Ubisoft, Capcom, and Square Enix.

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WIGI CEO Joanie Kraut said, “in July, we were honored to be named by the Activision Blizzard employees as a resource to combat discrimination, harassment, and inequality, and we were humbled by the overwhelming response of support from individual donors and partners.

“With the funds from Activision Blizzard, we can significantly support the advancement of women in the global games industry by continuing to develop and administer impactful programs and workshops focused on mentorship, self-advocacy, and career advancement.”

If you are looking to donate, the link to WIGI is right here.