Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao enters esports with new team

manny pacquaio boxingWikimedia: Akira Kouchiyama

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has made a move into the esports scene with new gaming team, called Team Pacquiao GG. The organization doesn’t plan to launch with any pro squads, but will be running events in the SEA esports space to start.

The 42-year-old Filipino has made many historic moments under the lights in boxing over the years, and his next career move takes him outside of his comfort zone as a team leader in gaming.

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In a move that mirrors other major sporting stars, such as Gerard Pique and Diogo Jota, PacMan will reportedly announce his team fully on December 4.

This news comes after he posted a teaser on December 1.

Team Pacquiao GG: Esports team revealed

The December 4 launch of Team Pacquiao GG highlighted the five faces of the brand, all big names in the Filipino esports space: Gian Lois ‘GLOCO’ Concepcion, Een Mercado, Elyson ‘GHOST Wrecker’ Caranza, Kimberlee ‘superkimbie’ Arcillas, Shin Boo “sh1nboo” Ponferrada.

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According to a report by Esports Insider, Team Pacquiao GG won’t launch with any rosters to compete in top competitive leagues. Instead, there’s a focus on grassroots esports and building the local scene, first with charity events and then smaller competitions.

The eventual goal is to become the “national team” of the Philippines, according to Cam Royal of Veloce, who has partnered with Team Pacquiao GG.

“We want to be able to use the Team Pacquiao brand as a springboard for upcoming talent, through its multiple platforms and overall image,” he said.

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More details about Team Pacquiao GG and their upcoming events will be made available on their Twitter page.

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