Escape from Tarkov devs reveal big upcoming changes

Connor Bennett

Escape From Tarkov developers Battlestate Games have given fans an insight into the future changes that they will be making – with some pretty big tweaks coming to the game’s weight and armor systems.

Even though it has been around since late 2017, Escape From Tarkov boomed in popularity in January when Battlestate Games made free items drops available for watching streams of the game via Twitch.

Plenty of big-name players flocked to the game to give a try but, as some of the hype died down, they returned to their usual titles. As the game remains pretty popular with fans, both long-term and newer ones, the developers have continued to roll out patches while it is still in beta – tweaking things like the running mechanics, weight system, and adding different exfil spots.

Plenty of changes have been made to Escape From Tarkov while in beta.

In addition to that recent 0.12.4 update, Battlestate Games have now addressed some changes that they will be making further down the line –  including balancing the tweaks they recently made in the latest patch

The developers tweeted that they’ve done some further balancing changes to the weight system in terms of stamina depletion rates and overweight range, while also Increased heavy armor durability. 

In other changes, the developers noted that there would be changes to the endurance and strength leveling principle. As of now, players can level these while max overweight, but this will be changed to medium. 

There will also be a round of bug fixes, including those that have cropped up following the new patch with invisible rocks and difficulties being able to see properly on the Interchange raid. 

Battlestate revealed that some of these changes go live as when they are ready, while others will come at a later date as hotfixes – so there probably won’t be too much of an update to download.

However, when these later changes will come into effect still remains to be seen as the developers didn’t give a timeframe for their arrival. 

Though, if the difficulties with bugs continue to pile up, it probably won’t be all that long before they get them straightened out.

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