YouTubers welcome newborn baby after “sickening” adoption scam ordeal

Christy Mathew
Bella and Dallin Lambert talking about scam adoptions

YouTubers, Bella and Dallin Lambert have welcomed their first child after falling for an adoption scam as they share their journey with fans online.

The popular YouTubers received great news as they announced the arrival of their adopted baby girl on July 30. The content creators described the baby as an “answer to their prayers” after having a rocky journey trying to start a family.

Bella and Dallin posted a video of them holding their baby girl on a beach as they revealed the exciting news.

The Instagram post had an adorable caption as they revealed the name of their baby as well. They wrote, “Story Belle Lambert. The answer to our prayers. She is so beautiful and we feel so blessed her birth mother chose us to be her parents.”

The YouTubers added, “We love our little Story so much. We would go through all the heartache and all the pain from the last 5 years again if it meant we had her.”

Bella and Dallin welcome Story

The content creators got married in 2017 and were trying to have a baby for three years as they updated fans on their journey of adoption.

The couple posted a vlog revealing the moment they were chosen to be parents along with their first meeting with their baby girl, Story.

Dallin and Belle received the good news on a call with the birth mother of Story as she described them as “everything they dreamed of”.

YouTubers adoption scam was the hardest thing

The duo announced their decision of adopting in March after their failed attempts at IVF treatments. Bella was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, leading her to be in constant denial of her infertility.

The YouTuber tried everything under the sun, be it IUI, injections, medicated cycles, and more.

When the creators announced they were willing to adopt, they received a series of messages from potential candidates. Among them was a woman who claimed she had twins and was looking for adoptive parents.

The content curators were well aware of scams but did desire twins, however, they admitted they should have known how rarely there are twin adoptions.

They revealed that the messages they shared with the woman were full of love which did not give them a hint of being a hoax. The couple then flew to South Carolina to meet the person and were told they were perfect.

“She wanted us to adopt them, and she had tears in her eyes telling us she’d been praying to find people like us, and we were a miracle for her,” Bella recalled.

The woman urged them to prepare a nursery as well as a gender reveal, which they documented for YouTube. However, Bella knew it was a scam after an email from another couple, who claimed they were also in contact with the fake expecting mother.

Her picture was shared on a Facebook page called, “Ending Adoption Scams” where more people revealed their same experience.

The Lamberts did not give her any money but they shared how their experiences have been tainted because of this, as they described the situation to be “gross and sickening”.