YouTuber trolls internet with viral photo of Zendaya & Tom Holland

. 4 months ago
Drew Monson trolls photo with Tom Hollad and Zendaya

YouTuber Drew Monson has left the internet baffled after a photo featuring Spider-Man stars Tom Holland and Zendaya went viral thanks to his bored look-a-like in the background.

On March 20, Twitter account ‘Zendaya Updates’ posted a photo of the two actors in Boston on a casual date at a coffee shop.

While the picture itself was cute, it was the two customers sitting to the sides of the couple that made it spread. Notably, a man to the left of Holland sat staring at the camera trying to eat his food while a man next to Zendaya focused on work on his laptop.

Drew Monson, a YouTuber, then claimed to be the individual on the laptop in a hilarious Twitter thread that confused everyone.

YouTuber claims to be in viral photo of Zendaya and Tom Holland

In a post on Twitter, Monson said he was at the coffee shop trying to “make beats” when the Spider-Man stars swung onto the scene.

“If anyone is curious, they came in for about 15 minutes, got a mocha frappe to share and then left. Tom has restless leg syndrome,” he seemingly joked. “I didn’t hear much but Zendaya definitely said ‘Euphoria is crazy’ and Tom went ‘You’re telling me’ lol.”

According to the YouTuber, he was in Boston for business and “thought about saying hi to Tom” because the actor is a fan of Vlogs, but was too busy to do so.

When some users accused him of lying, Drew doubled down, claiming the coffee shop was called ‘Tatte’ and they had good drinks. “At first I was annoyed [because] I thought it was just a random couple making out (quite loudly haha) but then I realized they’re from Spiderman,” he added.

Many in the comments, however, weren’t convinced and believe the YouTuber is just joking, especially given his comments about their conversation.

In the time since, another has come forward claiming to be the individual. David Reeves, who goes by ‘improvlad’ on Instagram told Dexerto that he was the one sitting next to Zendaya at the cafe.

Next to Zendaya and Tom Holland
Another user has claimed to be next to Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Still, Monson’s claim ended up going viral, racking up over 350,000 likes on Twitter, so even if it is just a big troll, at least it was very successful.

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