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YouTuber ‘Jesus Christ’ denies bizarre sexual misconduct allegations

Published: 17/Jan/2019 15:36 Updated: 17/Jan/2019 15:43

by Calum Patterson


A rising YouTuber named ‘Jesus Christ’ has had to deny sexual misconduct allegations made against him, with the accuser now apologizing for his initial claims.

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Jesus Christ – whose real legal name is in fact Jesus H. Christ, according to the YouTuber himself – has risen to popularity on the platform, largely thanks to PewDiePie.

Christ would use his role play of the biblical Jesus on a site called ‘fiverr’, where users would pay to have him read a message of their choosing, but he was banned from the platform in 2017, effectively losing his income.

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PewDiePie was sympathetic to his situation, and helped boost Jesus’ website and YouTube channel, and helped him out again recently by sending his millions of fans to donate to Jesus to help with legal costs in a custody battle.


This attention from YouTube’s biggest channel has helped Jesus amass over 900,000 subscribers, which caused a smaller YouTuber, ‘The God of Cringe’ to want to expose Jesus for ‘who he really is’.

On January 8, this YouTuber uploaded a video accusing Jesus of touching him inappropriately at a VidCon convention and filming the encounter. He also believes Jesus may now be using the video for sexual gratification.

However, in responding to the claim, Jesus provided the footage in question, which exposed the accuser’s claims of being largely false, with a much different version of events shown in the footage.

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The God of Cringe’s original video has received over 21,000 dislikes with only 321 likes, prompting him to make a follow up video apologizing for his claims.

“I want to apologize if I got anything wrong on my previous video. I was solely relying on my memory from that period in time, and as we all know, memories do fade. Since you had the actual video where you drew on my nipple, and I never had it, I really had nothing to refer to.” 

Jesus has suggested that his accuser made up the allegations in an attempt to gain ‘clout’, or simply more attention and views on YouTube.