YouTuber Chris Klemens apologizes after controversial past tweets resurface

an image of youtuber chris klemensYouTube: Chris Klemens

YouTuber Chris Klemens has issued a response to his followers after several inappropriate tweets from Klemens’ past were uncovered on social media.

Chris Klemens is a YouTuber known for his lifestyle vlogs and comedic skits. Klemens quickly rose to prominence on the platform, with over 1.34 million subscribers tuning in for his exploits.

Alongside content creation and his photography endeavors, Klemens often brings his comical side to social media.

However, controversial tweets throughout the last decade how now come to light.

Chris Klemens deactivates Twitter after historic tweets resurface

On October 15, Chris Klemens was met with backlash from a multitude of followers. The initial outrage was sparked by a now-deleted tweet that read as “Bratz dolls were for the girls sucking d*ck in the 5th grade.”

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After this tweet was criticized for its overtly crude content, Klemens’ followers scrubbed through his account and unearthed a number of similar posts.

Other tweets contained racial slurs, while another led to Klemens being accused of sexualizing young children.

Klemens’ detractors found numerous tweets that spanned back to 2010, featuring different instances of offensive behavior.

Following the tweets’ discovery, Klemens appeared on his YouTube channel to address the situation.

The video, titled ‘Addressing My Tweet’, sees Klemens claim “it was never my intention for it to be taken the way it was, but it doesn’t matter my intention was when the product of it is what matters.”

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“I always want to provide a comfortable, funny, lighthearted space that people can come to and laugh. Just have a good time. The fact that I failed on that with this upsets me and I apologize,” Klemens continues.

Klemens explained that “this is a huge learning moment” and that “with my career, there are gonna be times where I fumble. I f*** up.”

Currently, Klemens’ Twitter account remains deactivated – a choice of his own volition as he received “foul accusations” in his replies.