YouTube streamer under fire for allegedly harassing women in Japan

NanpaLive accused of harrassing a woman during a streamNanpaLive

Users are spreading the word about a banned Twitch streamer who now broadcasts on YouTube allegedly harassing women on the streets of Japan.

The streamer, who goes by NanpaLive, has a controversial history as outlined by Redditor HereWithTheboom, including an instance where fellow streamer ImJasmine claimed he was very aggressive with her.

“For anyone unaware, This streamer who goes by ‘NanpaLive’ on Youtube (seductionLive in Japanese) recently got permanently banned on twitch for physically and verbally harassing women on the streets,” the user explained.

In one of the first clips provided, the man is seen vaping while being up close and personal with a woman, yelling “I don’t care about your job, b*tch” while in her face.

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Then, in what was supposedly one of his first YouTube streams, he appears to be following a woman alone by herself around on the street. He stops to say “hi” to her a few times despite not receiving a response in return.

Eventually, he leaves her alone, but only after she approached a busier crosswalk.

Yet another clip shows Nanpa put his arm around a woman who seems very uncomfortable with him.

“He recently got into an altercation with the biggest female streamer in Japan (ImJasmine). He apparently started being very abusive and touchy,” HereWithTheboom said.

In clips provided, ImJasmine explained how when her stream turned off, he was extremely aggressive with her. “Maybe the alcohol just brought it out of them where they were more honest… usually when I’m around people that drink I’ve never been around someone that’s super aggressive when they’re drunk. That was so f***ing scary to me.”

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“He streams whilst drunk almost every day and abuses even his own friends when they won’t pay for his drinks or taxi ride back home. Overall this man is a degenerate and a scumbag and dare I say borderline a predator,” HereWithTheboom alleged.

In the final video provided, NanpaLive can be seen spitting into a water fountain after waiting for a police officer to look away for a moment.

The post quickly spread on Reddit, with many calling for the streamer to be kicked out of Japan and removed from YouTube.

So far, YouTube has yet to take any action, despite the accusations of harassment lodged against him.

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