Twitch viewers glued to stream of stop sign where 98.73% of cars don’t stop

A stop signUnsplash: Joshua Hoehne

A stream showing stop sign where 98.73% of cars don’t stop is gaining traction on Twitch, with some people even going as far as to find the sign in real life to do backflips and have lightsaber fights in front of it.

Twitch is home to a huge range of content, and although gaming is a huge part of the platform, plenty of the most popular content doesn’t involve gaming at all. Through Just Chatting streams, and IRL adventures, creators have provided plenty of bizarre and entertaining moments for their viewers.

While most streams have a human being front and center providing the action, that’s not always the case.

‘Stopsigncam’ is a channel dedicated to filming a single stop sign on a random street in Salem, Massachusetts, with the account claiming that 98.73% of vehicles don’t actually stop for it.

While it doesn’t sound like the most gripping content at first glance, Twitch viewers have become weirdly fascinated with the stream. Due to the fact that most cars don’t actually stop for the sign, when someone actually obeys the instruction, the chat goes crazy.

On top of that, as more and more people are catching on to the stream, some have started to actually go to the sign in person knowing that they will end up on camera.

One person stopped at the sign, only to get out of his car and do a backflip.

Another pair decided to re-enact a lightsaber fight, adding an unexpected bit of entertainment to the ongoing stream.

The channel currently only has 7.6 thousand followers, but some of its most popular clips have over 20,000 views.

While it’s not the most conventional form of entertainment, stopsigncam has proven to be weirdly fascinating to plenty of viewers, and as it gets more popular, the higher the chance that people will look for the sign so they can appear on stream.