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YouTuber reveals why he lives in a shed but owns three cars

Published: 7/Feb/2020 17:55 Updated: 7/Feb/2020 17:59

by Eli Becht


YouTuber Jimmy Broadbent owns three different cars, but instead of having a house, he lives in a shed – here’s why.

Broadbent has built a successful channel for himself, boasting over 365,000 subscribers, and is doing it all living out of the comfort of his mother’s shed.


That’s right, he lives in his mom’s garden, but things aren’t exactly as bad as they seem. In fact, the YouTuber has managed to come into possession of Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R, so it’s clear he’s doing quite well for himself.

youtuber shed
Jimmy Broadbent’s home doubles as a shed in his mother’s garden.

YouTube channel DRIVETRIBE’s Mike caught up with Broadbent and interviewed him about his career, and finally figured out why he lives in a shed.


“It a bit of a meme now that we joke now with me living in the shed,” the popular simulation racing creator explained. “It wasn’t a really nice start, to be honest. I used to, well I still do, have a lot of problems with my mental health…”

jimmy broadbent sim racing
Broadbent has made a name for himself with sim racing content.

He went on to explain it caused him to lose his job, relationship, and his house, effectively leaving him homeless and nowhere to go.

“I had nowhere else to go, I was homeless,” the YouTuber revealed. “I had no money and had to basically move back home. My mum said ‘Yeah, we got this thing we got down in the garden that’s not really habitable.'”


(Timestamp 5:00 for mobile viewers.)

He explained the small space allowed him to get focused on YouTube, and said he didn’t need a huge amount of space to do work online. In an interview with StreamLabs, he revealed the hardest part of getting started was just having the motivation to do so.

“Of course, when you first start on any platform doing anything, there are not a lot of eyes on you,” he said. “I remember doing a live stream to about four or five people right at the very start and that can be quite disheartening.”

jimmy broadbent car
Jimmy has a decent selection of vehicles in spite of his living situation.

Years later, Broadbent does understand how “ludicrous” it is to live in a shed yet still own three cars. It is something many people living in a regular house can’t afford.

Despite the small living space, it is a constant reminder for him to stay humble and keep growing.


Ex-Tesla engineer wants to get revenge on Elon Musk after leaving

Published: 7/Oct/2020 13:25

by Kieran Bicknell


The Electric Vehicle (EV) race is well and truly afoot, with newcomers Lucid Automotive looking to take a share of the market with a secret weapon up their sleeve; Ex-Tesla chief engineer Peter Rawlinson.

With Lucid Automotive revealing their first car – the Lucid Air – earlier in 2020, many have been quick to point out that it triumphs over Tesla’s offerings in many ways. Part of this is down to their head of engineering, Peter Rawlinson, who used to head up the Model S program at Tesla.


Peter left Tesla back in 2012, but it’s apparent that Elon still holds him in contempt for setting up Lucid as a rival. On September 8 this year when Lucid announced their pricing for the Air, Musk was quick to slate his ex-chief engineer via Twitter.

Despite Elon’s claims, it’s clear to see that Rawlinson must’ve learned a thing or two. It is in fact the powertrain, battery, and electronics that set the Lucid Air apart from its Tesla rivals.


With its 517-mile range, the Air has the largest range of any EV currently on the market. To achieve this, Lucid has employed cutting-edge technology in its compact motor units.

Lucid have chosen to use  ‘Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors’ as opposed to the ‘Induction’ motors that Tesla use. By making this shift, they have been able to increase the range of the vehicle dramatically, by reducing heat build-up and resistance in the motors.

Lucid Air takes on the Tesla Model S

These motors are also incredibly small, allowing Lucid to combine elements such as the transmission and the differential into one compact package. With each Air having three motors, size really does matter.


The Batteries also play a big part in Lucid’s advantage, choosing to use a number of high-voltage batteries to power the Air. Rawlinson prefers this over using numerous low-voltage batteries, which he refers to as “dumb weight” since they all add significant weight to the car.

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This not only means they need less current to power the motors (increasing range) but also means the batteries themselves are smaller. This means that the Air has the maximum amount of cabin space possible, as the batteries do not ‘eat’ into the interior.


With its world-leading range, incredible performance, and luxurious interior, the Lucid Air is taking the fight to Tesla.