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YouTube purges hundreds of bizarre sexually suggestive videos

Published: 19/Dec/2018 17:45 Updated: 19/Dec/2018 18:09

by Connor Bennett


YouTube has deleted a massive wave of unusual sexually suggestive mother and parent videos after they were picked up on by a commentary channel.

The videos, which had already garnered over 40 million views, had been uploaded to a channel known as the SuSu Family which had close to 300,000 subscribers before it’s removal. The videos, which would include a mother and her children in mundane scenarios, all contained a seedy tone in which the mother would be regularly be seen flashing her underwear.

The strange videos were picked up on by commentary YouTuber PaymoneyWubby, whose video on the subject – ‘Creepy Mom Videos Need to Stop’ – was released on December 16 and received over 1.2 million views.


The YouTuber detailed how the sexually-suggestive videos were not hidden on the platform but, for some reason, had a huge viewer base and uploaded multiple videos regularly each day. These videos all starred a woman, who appeared in similar uploads across a number of channels, as the mother. 

Some of the more ‘popular’ videos from the Susu Family channel have been re-uploaded to YouTube and re-named with not so different titles. While they have not gained the same views as the originals, they are still available on the platform.  

While YouTube claims to runs a strict policy on sexual content, these videos getting through the cracks and building up a large viewership shows that they can’t grab everything. 


If it took PaymoneyWubby’s video for the site to discover that these videos existed and were able to become so popular – despite being so seedy and suggestive – a rethink of YouTube’s tools to discover sexually explicit content may be in order.