YouTube prankster slammed for trolling man by hitting on his wife and it backfires

Alice Sjöberg
Beach prank goes too far

A YouTube prankster named Seth Meiring has been slammed online after he posted a video of him hitting on a woman in front of her husband. However, Seth soon came to regret his prank as the couple didn’t find it as funny as he did.

Ever since the start of YouTube and social media, pranks have been a popular genre of content. But sometimes these pranks can go too far. A recent example of this is when a streamer filmed himself pretending to pour gasoline on cars as a prank and had a gun pulled on him as a result.

Another prank has recently gone viral which has the internet split. A pranking YouTuber named Seth Meiring made his way to a beach where he decided to hit on a woman while her husband was sitting right next to her.

However, the prank soon took a turn for the worse when the couple didn’t find it funny and confronted the prankster over it.

Prankster called the police on couple

In a video titled “Simp assaulted me”, Seth and his friend Jimmy are seen walking around a beach where their goal is to hit on women while their partners are right there next to them. Seth is also wearing a white t-shirt with the text “ur man is a p*ssy” on the back, which he only shows the couples when he walks away.

The video shows Seth walking up to several couples before one of the husbands walks up to him and tells him to leave because he’s “bothering people” with the camera and his prank. Seth questions this, which leads to the man grabbing the microphone from Seth’s hand and throwing it into the ocean.

After having a tantrum in front of the camera, Seth goes on to call the police.

Much to Seth’s shock, the police take the couple’s side and ask him and his friend to leave the beach.

“You’re both being trespassed from this park,” the police tell them. “Have you ever been trespassed before?”

“Yes, we’re banned from every Walmart in the world,” Seth answered. The officer simply replied: “Shocking.”

Viewers are conflicted about who to support

Even though the video was first published on YouTube in February 2023, it has just gone viral on both TikTok and Twitter. Several YouTubers have also made comments about the incident, including Ray William Johnson.

Ray said in his own video: “We should make laws to stop this bullsh*t.”

Several people have taken to Twitter to comment on the video, with some saying they’re on Seth’s side as he didn’t actually do anything illegal. Others, however, are saying this prank classes as harassment.

One person wrote on Twitter: “They deserved that. They were being annoying for no reason. He had what was coming to him.”

Another said: “Some people would do anything for some click and attention smh.”

“Both sides wrong asf,” a third person said.

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