YouTube mother under fire for “beating” 2-year-old over destroyed makeup

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and mother Michelle Grace has come under intense scrutiny after uploading a now-deleted video, where she claimed that she “beat” her two-year-old child for destroying her new makeup palette.

While the internet is home to many disturbing instances, Grace sparked outrage across the net after uploading her controversial video, where she claimed that her two-year-old toddler destroyed her new Jeffree Star ‘Alien’ makeup palette.

In the video, Grace revealed that she’d told her child multiple times not to play with her makeup, and even alleged that her hand “hurt” from “beating” her child severely.

(Video re-upload credit: Lauren Edson. Video begins at 1:47)

“She has ruined two palettes of mine,” Grace said as her toddler openly cried in the background. “And one of them is being discontinued. …my hand hurts, because I just beat the crap out of her.”

Needless to say, the video was not well-received by the masses, with even top YouTuber Philip DeFranco calling out the mother over her treatment of her child and dubbing the situation “heartbreaking and infuriating.”

“I don’t believe in spanking or ‘popping’ your children in general, BUT even for those that do believe that, WHO DOES IT TO A F**KING 2 YEAR OLD?!?!” he wrote. “AND OVER A F**KING PALETTE?!”

Public sentiment was largely the same, with many users echoing his disgust over the matter, causing Grace to explain the issue in a series of Instagram stories and Tweets after the video went viral.

“She’s a lot smarter than you guys think,” she tweeted of her daughter. “She’s the most intelligent toddler I know. She knows right from wrong. So yes, she knew what she was doing.”

Michelle Grace clarified the statements made in her video in a series of Tweets after the issue went viral.

The YouTuber also claimed that she should not have “posted the video,” arguing that the destroyed makeup wasn’t the reason for her child’s punishment, but that she “doesn’t listen” to instructions.

YouTuber Michelle Grace took to social media to explain her video, which caused outrage across the net due to her claiming to have “beaten” her toddler.

She went on to share other clips of the video that were not part of other viral posts, where she claimed that she doesn’t spank her child “unless I absolutely have to, and usually, it’s just a pop.”

Grace has since gone dark on social media in wake of the outrage, with many onlookers hoping that the YouTuber rethinks her parenting style as a consequence of her upload going viral.

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