YouTube group RDCWorld are making a movie with Jordan Peele

Virginia Glaze

YouTube comedy group RDCWorld say that they’re working on a film with esteemed horror director Jordan Peele in a major move for the uber-popular influencers.

RDCWorld are a group of YouTubers best known for their comedic sketches poking fun at anime series, video games, comics, sports, and pop culture.

The group, headed by creator Mark Philips, first started their channel back in 2012, and have gone on to attend movie premiers and even rub elbows with the likes of LeBron James.

Now, the guys are getting another major W added to their record, as Philips claims they’re working on a feature film.

RDCWorld’s Mark Philips claims YouTube group is working on Jordan Peele film

RDCWorld were featured on a panel at Dream Con 2023, an anime and gaming convention held in Austin, Texas.

The panel was streamed on Twitch — and during that stream, Philips claimed that himself and the RDCWorld guys were working on an upcoming film with famed horror director Jordan Peele, best known for his movies ‘Nope,’ ‘Us,’ and ‘Get Out.’

“Am I allowed to say this?” Philips asked. “We’re working on a movie with Jordan Peele.”

That’s not all; he also claimed that the group is making a production company, but says he’s keeping things close to the chest until everything gets ironed out.

“That’s what I feel like is one of our biggest accomplishments,” he continued. “And we’re making a production company. We’re gonna announce that soon. We’re just keeping everything under wraps until we package it correctly.”

This marks a major move for the YouTubers — and for content creators everywhere, who have been making attempts at breaking into the mainstream media for nigh over a decade now.

Even famous YouTuber Markiplier suffered a snub at the Emmys last year… but he’s working on his own feature film that he claims will have a theatrical release.

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