xQc roasts Dr Disrespect after he mocked his Twitch streams

Joe Craven

Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit back at his friend and fellow Twitch star Dr Disrespect, after the two-time threw joked about his livestreams. 

Doc and xQc are two of the biggest names on Twitch, both bringing their own brand of eccentricity to all the games they play and content they create. They are also good friends now, regularly exchanging insults to entertain their audiences.

Now, the pair are mocking each other about their streaming styles. Doc started this particular feud, but xQc has wasted little time in responding.

The pair have trolled one another in the past.

“I can sit here and do what xQc does,” Doc said. “And watch YouTube videos for seven hours and then stream another six hours, Monday through Sunday. I mean, you want me to do that and play some low budget little Steam game? No I’m not!”

Understandably, these comments didn’t sit too well with the fiery ex-Overwatch professional who, on May 20, hit back at the Doc in hilarious fashion, taking shots at how the two-time streams.

“Guys, guys, guys,” xQc started. “What is a typical Doc stream length? Four hours and fifty-five minutes? I play twice as many games, twice as many in one stream. I get to watch whatever the f**k I want!”

“I get to watch one hour and a half, two hours [of] video per day,” he continued. “If I play nine hours of games. Shungite Andy can’t talk sh*t on top of his four-hour horse. Jesus man, the audacity on that guy.”


The ‘shungite’ response relates to the Doc buying into 5G conspiracy theories. Shungite is a rock that the Doc apparently put around his house to ward off harmful signals relating to the 5G conspiracies.

The pair’s clashes shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as they are only maintaining a friendly rivalry. The Doc has actually commended Lengyel in the past for his remarkable rise to stardom on the platform.

That probably won’t stop Doc from responding however, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for some shots in reply.