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xQc celebrates after hitting massive YouTube milestone

Published: 18/Sep/2020 8:22 Updated: 18/Sep/2020 8:32

by Brad Norton


One of the most popular personalities on the internet, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was in the middle of a Twitch stream on September 17 when he celebrated a massive YouTube milestone.

xQc is undoubtedly one of the biggest content creators on the internet. The former Overwatch professional is always streaming to tens of thousands of live viewers on Twitch, regardless of what he’s playing or watching. Ranking among the top 25 most-followed accounts with over 3.5 million fans on the platform, it’s where you’ll find him on a near-daily basis.

However, growing his following on Twitch isn’t his only active pursuit. xQc also boasts a popular YouTube channel that uploads multiple videos every single day. From stream highlights to gaming clips and reaction videos, he covers all bases. 


The oldest upload on the channel is just four years old but on Sep. 17, xQc hit a particularly big milestone. He was even live on Twitch to celebrate the moment too.

“Happy one million subscribers,” fellow content creator Adept said as she walked into xQc’s room. Not only is his Twitch following enormous, but he’s just hit the special one million subscriber mark on YouTube as well. For that, xQc will be sent a golden play button from the platform, but Adept also came with a gift.

“Your mum made it,” she said while handing over a cake in the shape of a ‘1’ and an ‘M.’ Unfortunately, this interruption came right as xQc was murdered in a round of Among Us. After jokingly slamming his desk, he was focused entirely on the cake and enjoying the special moment.


“That was sweet,” he said upon returning to the stream. Though he admitted that he “should have muted” the game audio so that viewers could properly hear his celebration. “I’m bad at capturing nice moments.”

Congratulatory donations soon flooded the stream as loyal viewers celebrated with their favorite streamer. Though he looked to stop his fans from spreading too much joy. “YouTube generates a lot of juice. You giving me juice as a congrats on YouTube juice, makes me feel bad,” he muttered.

Despite parting ways with his former organization and missing big events recently, there are no signs of xQc’s growth slowing down anytime soon.