KSI mocks Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather announcement

Georgina Smith
KSI responds to Logan Paul fight
Instagram: KSI / Logan Paul

YouTube star and Logan Paul’s former boxing rival KSI has responded to the news that the eldest Paul brother and Floyd Mayweather will fight each other, and he doesn’t seem too convinced.

Logan Paul and KSI’s boxing match in Manchester on August 25 2018 was a smash hit, the promotional material leading up to the fight garnering millions of views, the video of the fight itself almost at 25 million views on YouTube two years later.

The match had so much attention that the pair returned in 2019 for a professional rematch in LA. YouTube boxing has proved to be a lucrative business, generating a huge amount of revenue, but also posing as a show of bravado when creators are involved in drama together.

TheBreadBatch, Instagram / DAZN
YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul faced off for the final time on November 9, 2019, with KSI emerging the victor.

After rumors began circulating of a potential match between former pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather and Logan, American sports analyst Pat McAfee broke the news on September 16 that a “contract has been signed and a fight is happening.”

However, former rival KSI didn’t seem particularly impressed with the news, posting on September 17 the message “My thoughts on Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul,” alongside a picture of a cap.

This is in reference to the slang term “cap” which is another way of indicating a lie.

KSI clearly doesn’t believe that the fight will actually happen, thanks to the unlikely pairing of the YouTuber and former professional boxer.

Floyd Mayweather has dipped in and out of retirement, most recently retiring in 2017 after beating fellow boxing star Conor McGregor, though has participated in a 2018 exhibition fight since then with kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

So while it might seem unlikely that Mayweather would break his retirement just to fight Logan Paul, it might actually make more sense for him to do so due to his previous experience with exhibition fights.

Regardless, KSI is not convinced by the news, and as the story develops it will become clear whether this fight will actually go ahead, or whether somebody will back out of the contract.