Woman stunned as landlord charges $200 fee and rent for pet fish

Woman stunned as landlord charges $200 fee and rent for pet fishTIKTOK: nicr__/Unsplash: Priyanshu Shekhar

A TikToker was left speechless after discovering that a landlord charges monthly rent for keeping a pet fish.

In a viral TikTok video, content creator Nic appeared at a loss for words, after checking her rental contract under the “fees” section.

She shared a screenshot of the contract, which included a breakdown of her rent, and her Kansas City landlord’s policy on pets.

While many ban their tenants from keeping pets like dogs and cats, it’s not very often that you get restrictions on fish.

However, much to Nic’s surprise, her contract included a clause stating “fish allowed” as long as they’re “non-aggressive breeds.”

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The monthly pet rent for fish was listed as $15, with a one-time fee of $200. “They’re now charging pet rent for fishes?” the TikToker asked in the video caption, adding that she’s “speechless.”

In the comments, many TikTok users were just as stunned to learn that tenants require permission to keep fish.

“Bro it’s a fish. What are we even doing anymore?” one user wrote. “These apartments are out of control with their fees,” another added.

“BFFR…a fish?? They literally live in a contained space and touch nothing in the apartment” a third said.

Others, however, said they understand the reason behind the pet rent.

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“My old apartment allowed pets but wouldn’t allow any fish tanks. They said because the water damages in case it breaks is too much to risk,” one user explained.

“My landlord said her fish tank broke while she was on vacation and it was a huge tank… so kinda valid,” another shared.

Nic chimed in and clarified that she doesn’t actually own a fish, but “it’s just ridiculous that they are charging.”

This is not the first time a landlord has left viewers divided on TikTok; previously, a landlord sparked backlash after he filmed himself doubling a tenant’s rent.

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