Woman in tears after being puked on at Taylor Swift concert and missing show

Michael Gwilliam
woman gets puked on at taylor swift concert

A woman’s expensive trip to Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ tour ended in disaster when another concertgoer vomited all over her.

Taylor Swift’s Eras concert tour has been one of the wildest in recent memory with seemingly everyone desperate to get tickets to the must-see event.

One woman’s trip from South Carolina to the Massachusetts concert, however, is going viral for all the wrong reasons even after managing to secure floor seats at a steal of $450.

In a TikTok video going viral on the platform, Maria Santora, a sports reporter, revealed how her dream concert experience turned into a disgusting nightmare.

Woman goes viral after being puked on at Taylor Swift show

According to Santora, after arriving at the concert, a woman next to her began feeling ill and puked all over her at the end of Swift’s “Folklore.”

“Unfortunately for her, and for me, she didn’t really have anywhere to go when she started getting sick, so she got sick on me,” Santora explained in the viral video.

To make matters worse, when tried to speak with concert staff to help her get cleaned up, but it was no use. There were also reportedly no napkins in the food area left.

“I’m standing there crying and begging for security to find me some sort of towel so I can just clean up,” she added, explaining how the security didn’t take too fondly to her standing in the aisle and even started screaming at her.

During this commotion, the fan ended up missing the whole 1989 era of the concert (about six to seven songs) and the rest of Folklore, leaving her saddened. Not only that, but she wasn’t able to exchange the merch she bought because it had puke on it.

In the end, the generous couple next to her used their own clothes to help clean up the mess, but needless to say, Santora will likely look back a lot more fondly on the Philadelphia show she went to over the Massachusetts one.