Elderly security guard goes viral for dance moves at Taylor Swift concert

Security guard in blue shirt dancing with Taylor Swift fans at concertTikTok: JayAndyEvans & Jeff Skibiski

A security guard has gone viral for busting out her dance moves at Taylor Swift’s Eras concert, with multiple concertgoers uploading videos of her. 

With Taylor Swift deciding to go on tour and perform songs with every one of her iconic albums, getting a hold of tickets was a nightmare. So much so that ticket sellers had to stop selling tickets at one point completely.

Months on from that, the singer-songwriter has finally started performing at stadiums across the United States in front of thousands of adoring Swifites who managed to get tickets. No, we’re not jealous at all. 

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Naturally, some have started uploading videos from their experience. Though, it’s an older Swiftie that has caught the attention recently, especially for her dance moves, even though she didn’t buy a ticket to be there. 

Security guard Pocket goes viral for dancing at Taylor Swift Eras concert

That’s right, let us introduce the security guard that goes by the name of Pocket. She was caught by two different TikTokers grooving and singing away to Blank Space during the show in Glendale, Arizona. 

One of the clips, uploaded by JayAndyEvans, has gotten over 12 million views, while the other, which was posted by Jeff Skibiski, has managed to rack up over 5.5 million views as of writing. 

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“Our security guard named Pocket gave hugs and is a 1989 girlie through and through,” jayandyevans said in her caption. “Petition for Taylor to invite Pocket to the rest of #theerastour,” added Jeff. 

They weren’t the only Swifties in love with Pockets, as thousands of fans left comments about her under the clips. 

“Pocket couldn’t get tickets so she got this job instead. Pocket is an iconic genius,” joked one. “I didn’t know I was going to wake up and be the #1 fan of a woman named Pocket, but here we are,” added another. “This is Pocket’s tour now,” another commented. 

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Security guards going viral for dancing is not a new thing, but Pocket has certainly raised the bar. So, the challenge is on for anyone else who works the Eras tour.

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