Woman in “agony” after TikTok egg hack leaves face with serious burns

womans-face-burned-after-tiktok-egg-poaching-hackNew York Post / SWNS

A woman was left in “agony” after trying a TikTok ‘hack’ that seriously burned her face when she microwaved an egg for a popular social media trend.

Over the years, TikTok has birthed a long list of viral challenges and ‘life hacks,’ many of which concern food.

For instance, who could forget the platform’s famous baked feta pasta recipe, or its mouthwatering edible cookie dough trick that took the internet by storm?

However, one of these famed food hacks can be dangerous… and an unfortunate woman was left with serious facial damage after giving it a try.

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The following story contains images of graphic injury. Reader discretion is advised. 

Woman suffers ‘agonizing’ burns after TikTok hack goes wrong

In early 2021, a woman on TikTok went viral for her seemingly ingenious method of creating poached eggs in a microwave. In the video, which has accrued over a million views, she simply cracked an egg inside a mug of boiling water with vinegar and microwaved it on high for one minute.

The method quickly went viral, with people all over the internet racing to try the poached egg method for themselves. However, some also took the experiment too far, with a few users placing a whole, uncooked egg in the microwave to explosive results.

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Unfortunately, the poached egg trick doesn’t always have a perfect outcome. 37-year-old mom of one, Shafia Bashir, suffered major burns on her face after trying out the cooking hack when the egg exploded on her skin.

Bashir says she attempted to take out the piping hot egg with a cold spoon when it splattered all over her face. “I did it exactly the same as I usually do it,” she said in a statement to SWNS. “I had already made the toast, I was starving!”

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woman-suffers-facial-burns-after-exploding-egg-tiktok-hackNew York Post / SWNS
37-year-old Shafia Bashir was left with facial burns after trying out a viral TikTok hack.

Bashir was rushed to the emergency room, where she was subsequently treated for her burns. Luckily, there was no scarring and her skin has already fully healed over — but the incident left her horrified.

“It was a terrifying time for me,” she said of the ordeal. “I was in absolute agony.”

Bashir isn’t the only person to have suffered scorches from the TikTok poached egg method; back in July 2021, another woman also suffered facial burns after attempting to poach an egg in a microwave when it similarly exploded.

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This news comes after a 13-year-old boy received third and second-degree burns all over his torso after attempting a TikTok challenge that involved lighting spray paint on fire earlier this month.

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