TikToker warns against viral poached egg hack: “I was very, very lucky”

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TikTok viral poached egg hack
TikTok: chantelleconway2020/thebournemouthmum

A UK-based TikToker has warned followers about the dangers of poaching eggs in a microwave. Chantelle ‘chantelleconway2020’ Conway experienced second-degree burns after emulating the viral TikTok hack. The user has been documenting her recovery journey since July 4.

Cooking hacks always go down a treat on TikTok, often generating thousands of views. From edible cookie dough to baked feta pasta, TikTok has been central to making complex recipes a little easier.    

Since March 25, the microwave poached egg hack has taken the app by storm. Lifestyle TikToker Charlotte Lock (@thebournemouthmum) amassed over one-million views on a mini microwave egg tutorial. The mum of three taught her followers how to cook the perfect poached egg using just a mug of water, some vinegar and a microwave.

Other users have been putting their own spin on the recipe. Food TikToker Beau Coffron (@lunchboxdad) cooked his microwave eggs with some bacon twirls (yes, they’re a thing!) and avocado.

The following story contains images of graphic injury. Reader discretion is advised. 

What happened to Chantelle Conway?

In a video posted July 4, Chantelle shocked over 10,000 followers by revealing a series of horrific-second degree burns that had resulted from a failed attempt at the hack.

Indicating towards her injury, she said “this is what’s happened to me.” She then went on to state that she burned her “full face and neck,” attributing the accident to the microwave egg hack. “I’ve (sic) put boiling water in a cup,” she said. “I’ve popped my egg in and put it in the microwave.”

After “five-to-ten seconds,” Chantelle faced the unexpected. “I put a cold spoon… in the cup to take the egg out,” she said. “The cold spoon shocked the water… it burst all over my face.” In the caption, Chantelle stated that her injuries just need “time to heal” and expressed how “lucky” she was.

Chantelle has since documented her recovery journey on TikTok, highlighting her skin “peeling” and “itching.” She has also been advised against sitting in the sun “for 12 months.”

TikTok Poached Egg Hack
Chantelle has warned followers about the dangers of the poached egg hack

Chantelle’s followers react

Fans have been sending messages of support to the injured TikToker. “Hope ur (sic) ok,” commented one user. “Keep strong gorgeous girl,” said another. Some followers have even sent aftercare tips for an “easy” recovery. “Please keep out of the sun,” commented a concerned supporter. “You need some natural yoghurt,” suggested another.

It’s always worth consulting a professional before treating burns at-home.

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