Woman goes viral after revealing Walgreens wrote refund check in her cat’s name

Dylan Horetski
TikTok Indooroutdoorkat

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after uploading a video where she reveals that Walgreens issued a refund check for her cat’s medicine, but put it in her cat’s name.

Despite the popularity of debit cards and digital payment options, every so often a company or person will still use a paper check as payment. You can even sign the check over to someone else by authorizing the transfer with your signature.

But what happens when the check’s made out to an animal? Your cat, dog, or favorite cow can’t exactly sign their name without opposable thumbs.

TikToker Kat Newquist, who goes by the name indooroutdoorkat on TikTok was recently met with this situation after Walgreens wrote her a refund check in her cat’s name.

Woman goes viral revealing refund check made out to her cat

In the video uploaded on January 11, Kat explained that the pharmacy at Walgreens overcharged her for her cat Gandolf’s prescription eyedrops.

“They sent a check to reimburse us [for the difference], but they sent the check to Gandolf, not to me. [Walgreens] literally sent a check to a cat,” she explained.

Kat then went on to show the name on the check, which reads “Gandolf-Cat Foley.”

The video has amassed nearly four million views since it was uploaded, and viewers quickly offered their support.

“My mom’s a banker and she’s crying laughing at this, she said technically bc the cat is dependent of you, you just need consent to cash it,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “She needs a bank account now so she can cash that.”

Just a day later, Walgreens responded in their own video showing their “Chief Cat Officer” and of course offering help in the process.

With their response, it’s safe to assume that Kat’s check issue has been taken care of, and hopefully Walgreens will address the issue.

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