TikToker goes mega-viral for quitting Walmart job after 10 years

Kawter Abed
TikToker goes mega-viral for quitting Walmart job after 10 yearsTIKTOK: fluffygaileena

A Walmart employee has gone mega-viral on TikTok after calling it quits at the multinational chain, where she’s worked for the past 10 years.

Content creator and long-time Walmart worker Gail Lewis (fluffygaileena) accidentally became a TikTok sensation, after posting a video of herself giving an emotional sign-off to her fellow employees.

“Attention Walmart, this is Gail Lewis,” she said through a walkie-talkie. “10-year associate Morris, Illinois 8-4-4, signing out, good night.” The TikToker remained brief in her sign-off, but her emotions welled up when she reached her car, parting ways with the store she’d cherished for so long.

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“So today was an end of an era for me,” Gail said tearfully. “What you just saw was me signing out for the last time at my Walmart that I have worked at for 10 years.”

She continued, “It’s a happy sad because I’m gonna be going to a better job and those people became like family. I’ve been through a lot with them. They watched my back, I watched theirs. They helped me out, I helped them out.”

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“We even went through a f**ing pandemic together,” she said regarding her co-workers. “It just hurts but it’s a happy sad because where I’m going, I’m gonna be better off where I’m at, that’s all.”

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The video quickly went viral with a whopping 23.4 million views and 3 million likes. Thousands of TikTok users have flocked to the comments to share crazy fabricated stories about Gail’s past.

“2014-2018 Gail Lewis highlights are so crazy bro prime Gail Lewis was different,” one person joked. “I did my first tour with Gail Lewis back in ‘19. She let me scan a TV as cilantro,” another quipped.

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“I once skipped 3 days of school to travel from Mozambique to America to see Gail Lewis Work in Walmart,” a third wrote. “Gail Lewis is a national treasure. Thank you for your service and contributions,” someone else shared.

Others congratulated the former Walmart employee, and wished her luck with her future endeavors. At the time of writing, the latest social media icon has yet to reveal what her new job is.

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