Woman claims DoorDash driver stole her dog during delivery and still isn’t back

Woman claims DoorDash driver stole her dog while completing deliveryTIKTOK: ronnitabhuff

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after alleging that a DoorDash driver stole her dog while delivering food to her neighbor.

In a video posted on January 2, Ronnita (ronnitabhuff) said that she called DoorDash after she caught a delivery driver putting her dog in their car on camera.

“Dear DoorDasher that decided to steal my dog on the first day of the year: I got it on camera, and I’m on the phone with DoorDash,” she said. “I know he got out of the gate, but you could have knocked. You put the dog in your car.”

The clip went viral with 622,000 views, and shortly after, Ronnita posted an in-depth story time TikTok. She explained that her husband checked security cameras after they noticed their dog wasn’t in the backyard.

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DoorDash driver takes woman’s dog

“The dog was in the driveway… and then [the delivery driver] grabbed the dog. It looked like she took a picture or something. And she put him in her car and pulled off,” she said. 

Ronnita said they didn’t call the police, and instead contacted DoorDash because they thought that the food delivery company would have the driver’s information.

“So now we’re dealing with the DoorDash legal team. They did say that they fired the lady last night, but to me, that’s not enough,” she continued. “We’re going to go the full mile. We’re going to get our dog back.”

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In the comments, most TikTok users suspected that the driver assumed the dog was lost.

“Have you checked at the local shelter? Hopefully the Dasher truly thought it was lost and turned it over to your local shelter,” one wrote.

“Maybe she thought the dog was lost and gave him to shelter. I hope y’all get him back,” another added.

“Check your local shelters in person, she could have thought pup was a missing pup,” a third said.

At the time go writing, Ronnita and her husband have still not located their dog. 

This is just the latest DoorDash story to go viral on TikTok after a customer had a Dasher pull out a knife on her.

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