Woman calls out salon for posting “facetuned” photo of her on Instagram

Dylan Horetski
TikToker calls out salon for facetuning

A woman on TikTok has called out the salon she recently went to after they posted a “facetuned” photo of her on their Instagram page.

With the popularity of social media over the last few years, it’s become increasingly common for barbers, beauticians, and tattoo artists to share their work on platforms like Instagram.

TikToker Jordan Loufas recently went to a new salon to have highlights put into her hair and learned shortly after that they were going to post pictures of her online.

Once she saw the picture on Instagram, however, she wasn’t happy with how they “facetuned” her photo. Jordan then took to her TikTok page to call them out in a now-viral video.

Salon takes down “facetuned” photo after viral TikTok

Uploaded on June 18, Jordan’s video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times and has gotten hundreds of comments from viewers.

“So I recently went to a new salon this past week because I needed to find a hairdresser that was closer to me,” she said before showing the raw photos that were taken as well as the one posted by the salon.

“Who is that? Literally, who is that? I don’t look like that. They definitely went in and added makeup to my face, smoothed my skin, and smoothed out my chin.”


She went on to explain that they also brightened her hair and that it looked nothing like the picture.

“Not only did they facetune me, but they edited the hair to make it look brighter than it actually was,” Jordan said.

The TikToker went on to show the message that she sent to the salon’s Instagram page asking them to take it down, and it promptly was. She wasn’t happy with their response, however.

“They did make a bunch of excuses, which I think is a bunch of bullsh*t, but it is what it is”

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