Winter Love Island star Will Young receives death threats after graphic video goes viral

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Will Young, a contestant on the upcoming reality show Love Island, has received death threats after a graphic TikTok went public.

The start of a new season of Love Island is only a few days away, as the show is set to premiere on Monday, January 16 at 9 PM GMT.

These young singles will be whisked away to a villa in paradise, where they will hook up, fight, and recouple for the entertainment of a global audience. It’s set to be the experience of a lifetime for the contestants, many of whom are basking in the newfound fame the show affords.

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However, that new spotlight is a double-edged sword, as one contestant is learning now that a graphic TikTok has been made public.

Love Island contestant Will Young hit with death threats

Before the first episode even aired, Love Island contestant Will Young had already made a name for himself online. As a sheep farmer who posted videos documenting his tranquil life, he already has over one million followers on TikTok.

As a result, he’s already had to deal with online trolls and even death threats.

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In an interview with The Daily Star Young revealed that he’d received some backlash in response to a video he posted when coming to the aid of a sheep giving birth. This included death threats directed at the 23-year-old.

Where to watch Love Island UK 2023: What channel is it on?ITV
Love Island returns on January 16, 2023.

The clip, which showed the cast member guiding the newborn through a difficult birth, was apparently taken out of context and spread online, Young says.

Although it was “a bit of a shock” when he woke up to death threats, Young believes that the experience has hardened him and will make the experience of being on Love Island easier to deal with. “[Y]ou can’t please everyone and people will go to extremes so I think you’ve just got take it as it comes.”

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For his part, Young assured any animal-loving viewers that “[e]verything that I do it is around the welfare of the animals. I would never put them in danger or anything because at the end of the day, I think people do forget that I am a professional.

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