Why is the thumbs-up emoji being canceled?

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The thumbs-up emoji is in the crosshairs of Gen Z after kids voted the emoji the most likely to make its users seem old.

Wake up honey, the thumbs-up emoji has been canceled.

While typically canceling is for comedians who cross the line, or celebrities caught on a hot mic, this latest cancelation is not of a person, but of an emoji. Particularly, the thumbs-up emoji.

Although this emoji has been typically used for approval and has a positive connotation, according to Gen Z, the thumbs-up emoji should be done for.

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There re over 3,000 emojis.

Gen Z cancels thumbs-up emoji

A recent post on Reddit went massively viral which showed a poll taken amongst 2,000 kids within the Gen Z age range of 16-29.

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In the poll, people said that the thumbs-up emoji was the most likely to make the user look ‘old,’ with 24% of votes.

In second place was the red love heart, and third was the OK hand. One of the poll respondents claimed that using the thumbs-up is a “bit hostile.”

Despite the poll results, users in the comment section claim the data could be wrong. One user said, “As a Gen Z person, this article is actually just like, wrong? I use the thumbs up and down all the time. Nobody I know gives a damn about what emoji is being used beyond the actual meaning the emoji is meant to convey.”

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They finished by adding, “I have never heard of any of these weird arbitrary standards, and I highly doubt anyone I know has either.”

As the war over the real meaning of the thumbs-up emoji rages on, there may just not be an end in sight.