Who is Butter Girl on TikTok? Viral sensation dips butter into everything

butter girl tiktokTikTok: buterrgirll

TikTok star butterrgirll has gone viral for her videos of dipping butter into all sorts of food, leaving her fans concerned for her health.

TikTokers have gone viral for having all sorts of bizarre diets.

Like Liver King, who has made TikTok fame for his all-raw meat paleo-inspired diet in an attempt to live a more “ancestral” lifestyle.

Now, another creator has gained notoriety for a very different diet, one that involves eating entire sticks of butter with every meal.

Who is Butter Girl on TikTok?

Butter Girl, whose real name is Cece, has hit over 890k followers on the social media app for their videos eating butter with some insane combinations.

She’s dipped butter into damn near everything: tartar sauce, pickle juice, yogurt, ramen noodles, ketchup, and more.

In one of her most popular videos, with over 10 million views, she dipped a stick of butter into Ragu red sauce and somehow lived to tell the tale.

Her comments are often flooded with concerns for her health, as consuming high amounts of butter can lead to high cholesterol and an increased risk for heart disease.

One follower commented, “You’re gonna wish you listened when you’re older.”

Butter Girl doesn’t seem to care, however, as she continually shoots down viewers who are worried about the long-term effects of consuming so much butter.

On her YouTube channel, she explained that she got addicted to eating butter in high school, and never looked back. Now, she has a massive following on social media because of it.

Despite the concern from her fans, it doesn’t look like Butter Girl will stop eating butter any time soon.