When is r/Place coming back? Viral sub Reddit returns for 2023

Christy Mathew
r/place screenshot from 2022 and r/place logo

Fans are wondering if r/Place is coming back this year, as 2022’s r/Place was filled with pixelated glory, taking over the internet. r/Place is back for 2023, here’s what you need to know.

For the unversed, r/Place is a subreddit where users come together and compete with each other in a social experiment. It is a collaborative project hosted by Reddit and was launched on April 1, 2017.

The test was conducted on an online canvas in 2017 where registered users could edit the canvas by changing the color of a single pixel with the help of the 16-colored palette. A timer stops the user from adding or changing any colors for a certain interval of 5-20 minutes.

Josh Wardle was the brains behind the experiment as it ended in 72 hours on April 3, 2021, after millions of users edited the canvas. It was also conducted on April 1, 2022, when xQc stole the show with his entertaining approach.

screenshot of r/place 2022

Will r/Place come back in 2023?

Yes. Reddit has already announced that r/Place will be brought back on Thursday, July 20 and it is live now.

However, this is not coming at a good time for users as they have been complaining about Reddit’s API pricing, forcing third party apps to shut down.

On top of that, the platform is terminating all chat history before 2023 without giving users a warning along with their announcement of shutting the current system for Reddit Gold.

The announcement of r/Place was flooded with user grievances with many simply commenting “API.” One of the top comments on their announcement is a user cursing the CEO, Steve Huffman, who goes by the username spez.

Even Reddit might have subtly hinted at this on their tagline for this year’s r/Place. The tagline reads, “Right place, wrong time,” which comes after a Reddit employee shared a series of pushed dates.

r/Place was supposed to go live at the beginning of April but kept getting pushed back, finally launching on July 20.