What killed Mickey Mouse? TikTok trend goes viral

Georgina Smith
Mickey Mouse costume

TikTok users have been filming their reactions to Google searching the phrase ‘What killed Mickey Mouse’ as part of a new trend that’s going viral on the platform.

All different kinds of trends go viral on TikTok on a near-daily basis, featuring everything from popular dances to food hacks.

One type of trend sees users Google searching how certain popular characters such as Dora or Barney the Dinosaur ‘died,’ filming their inevitably horrified reactions.

The latest term that has turned into a viral trend on the app is ‘What killed Mickey Mouse?’ with videos featuring people’s reactions garnering hundreds and thousands of views.


What killed Mickey Mouse?

Contrary to the trend, you will be relieved to hear that the popular cartoon character is not actually canonically dead. However, searching for what ‘killed’ him brings up some slightly horrifying results, including that he was “killed when his heart exploded.”

This is because many have discovered a page from the ‘List of Deaths’ wiki that documents all the deaths that happen in popular media.

There is a page dedicated to ‘The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse,’ an animated series about the character on Disney+. The page lists all the ways that characters including Mickey ‘died’ on the show, though it is of course only cartoon violence.

Some of the ways Mickey ‘died’ include, “killed when his heart exploded,” and “disintegrated when the Beast yelled at him.”

The trend has garnered millions of views and likes so far, with commenters sharing their reactions to the bizarre search results.