What is the ‘how did Dora die’ trend on TikTok? Reaction videos explained

Georgina Smith
Dora the Explorer next to the TikTok logo

TikTok users are going viral for sharing their reactions to googling the question ‘how did Dora die?’ and garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Here’s everything to know about the strange trend.

Social media platform TikTok can often be a bizarre place, and many of the trends that have gone viral on the app have blown up simply thanks to how weird they are.

One such example, that first appeared on the app last year, and has returned to baffle users again in 2023, is the ‘how did Dora die’ trend.

Dora, in this case, refers to cartoon character Dora the Explorer, who stars in a show of the same name that features the character going on adventures with a monkey called Boots. The character has become an iconic part of several memes online.

This dark trend involving Dora instructs people to google search how the character supposedly died, filming their face both before and after finding out the information.

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Some users that have participated in the trend have garnered thousands of views and likes for their shocked reactions.

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Did Dora actually die?

No — you will be relieved to hear that Dora is not actually canonically dead.

Searching her cause of death may bring up results like falling into quicksand or a river, falling into a gorge, getting eaten by a crocodile, and getting “disintegrated by a lightning bolt,” among many others.

However, these all appear to have originated with a fanmade music video called ‘Dora No More’ posted by TheStringiniBros in 2012. The video, viewed over 11 million times, shows the variety of different ways Dora could have died on her adventuring, with the caption reading: “Exploring can be dangerous kids.”

Despite not being real, these fake causes of Dora’s death have been proving to be great source material for reaction videos on TikTok.

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