TikTok’s Binley Mega Chippy trend explained: Viral song baffles users

Georgina Smith
Binley Mega Chippy next to TikTok logoTikTok: aaron_malcom

TikTok is being taken over by videos about the UK-based ‘Binley Mega Chippy,’ with users baffled by the sudden prevalence on their For You Page — especially if they’re not even from the UK.

Video platform TikTok is well known by now for its host of viral trends, ranging from dance and lip-sync trends, to more bizarre or dangerous challenges.

Trends on the platform usually seem to appear from nowhere, but the latest trend to take over the platform has got people even more confused than usual.

If you’ve been on TikTok throughout late May, you may have stumbled upon a number of videos referencing ‘Binley Mega Chippy,’ usually set to a fun jingle of the same name. ‘Binley Mega Chippy’ is a fish and chips shop based in Coventry in the UK, and has unwittingly become the subject of a number of viral videos.

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In videos set to the jingle, people have been sharing a number of pictures of Binley Mega Chippy, creating memes, and more, with some of the posts garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and views.

It’s not clear exactly why this particular chip shop has gone so viral, but users are definitely taking the joke and running with it.

Naturally, the trend has left many confused, particularly people who don’t live in Coventry, or even in the UK at all.

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“What is this place and why is it on my FYP,” one user wrote. “I’m so confused. Is this just a normal chippy or is there something significant about it? Literally all my FYP is this,” another said.

One baffled commenter also said: “I’m very confused as a west coast Canadian. Why am I here?” with another adding: “I’m in Aus and they just keep coming.”

It seems as though more people are finding their For You Pages dominated by Binley Mega Chippy as the days go on, regardless of their geographical location, and the trend looks set to become even more popular.