What is the Victoria’s Secret Karen TikTok? IamLoveKills’ viral video stuns users

Connor Bennett
TikTok logo and a woman screaming from her knees

A TikTok of a woman causing chaos in a Victoria’s Secret store has taken over the internet, racking up millions of views across different social media platforms.

When TikTok first started, it was mostly home to videos of people dancing and lip-syncing to their favorite songs. However, over time, it has become so much more than that.

The video-sharing app is now home to a wide variety of videos, and some regularly go quite viral, being across social media as different reaction memes.

One of the newest posts to take over the internet comes after a woman flipped out at a Victoria’s Secret store and swiped at a person filming her.

Trends have played a huge role in TikTok’s success.

Where to find the Victoria’s Secret Karen TikTok?

The posts originally came from TikTok user GreenGardenBunches – real name Ijeoma Ukenta – but the original videos and her channel have since disappeared. Though, copies have since taken over Twitter and YouTube, with TikTok user Iamlovekills’ repost being given most of the credit.

In the video, Ijeoma captured the stranger – now known as Victoria’s Secret Karen – taking a swipe at her while waiting in line for the checkout at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.

The woman began screaming at Ijeoma for filming her, imploring her to stop, and asking for help from others as she caused a scene. However, the TikToker simply responded that she was capturing everything on camera for her own safety. Though, that sent the stranger off again as she chased the camerawoman around the store.


In a GoFundMe set up after the video was captured, Ijeoma stated that she was “kicked off” TikTok for the posts and was looking to seek legal action against the woman she named as Abigail Elphick.

“I’m looking to hire an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong,” she said. “All videos and updates on the situation are on my YouTube channel.”

As the videos have taken over the internet, viewers have been left stunned by what they’ve seen. “Again seeing her literally raise her fists at you, then IMMEDIATELY say “she’s threatening me”. Unbelievable,” said one YouTube commenter.

“‘I’m feeling threatened!’ As she bum rushes you. This is a Grade A temper tantrum that puts all my kid nieces and nephews to SHAME,” added another. “Cannot believe people were asking her to stop recording like she did something wrong. People are crazy,” said another.

It remains to be seen what else will happen as fallout from the videos continue.

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