Woman goes super viral ’emoting’ at IHop as other customers are disgusted

Women looking at camera disgusted at IHopTikTok: addictedtoana

A woman has gone super-viral after ‘emoting’ when she had food delivered to her table at IHop, and the internet hasn’t been too kind about it.

As TikTok has grown and grown over the last few years, it’s become home to many viral videos. Some have spawned plenty of memes and had the internet rolling with laughter, but some have created a fair back of backlash and negativity. 

In the case of TikToker Ana Moreira (addictedtoana), she has gone viral on TikTok for a video of her ‘emoting’ while sitting at IHop and having her food order delivered. 

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The Brazilian was over the moon to get her plate of pancakes, however, it was a woman’s reaction in the background that caught the attention of most. She looked on in disgust as Ana danced and cut into her pancakes, and that’s what has caused some backlash online. 

Woman goes viral dancing at IHop as order is served

Ana’s video has gotten over 33 views on TikTok, and over 100 million views in reshares on Twitter/X. Many have created memes out of the women’s disgusted reaction in the background, while also questioning why the TikToker was dancing in her seat. 

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“The girl in the back is so real for that,” commented one viewer. “We all are the woman in the back,” added another. “Girl in the back isn’t even mean she’s just honest,” another viewer said. “I would be friends with the girl in the back.”

Others stepped in to defend Ana as well. “These comments remind me there’s a lot of upset haters in the world for no reason,” added one. 

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The TikToker followed her viral clip with another, mocking the reaction of the women behind it, noting that Ana had arrived later than her but still got served first.

Ana replied to a few hateful comments, stating in one that she’d ‘like to party’ with the women in the background to see if they could become friends. 

However, the only thing that has become of the video is a brand new meme that the internet is eating up. So, don’t count on any follow up collabs anytime soon.

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